Taxi in Dar

2012 September 10
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by Ryan

It takes about 5 months to ship a car to Dar. Basically this means I rely on taxis for most of my transportation. One day I needed to catch a cab home from work. I meander out to the street and loiter around for a taxi to pass by (this method had proven successful before). After about 5 minutes one of the guards came up and asked if I needed a taxi. How very kind of you, yes I do need a taxi. So the guard gets on the phone to call a “taxi”. Five minutes later an unmarked beat-to-hell compact sedan shows up. I leaned in the window to take a look at my “taxi”. The dash was covered in a thick fur. There was a liquid air freshener balanced precariously on the edge of the dash. In the drivers seat was a 12 year old boy. He was sporting a wide grin on his face beckoning me to enter. I did some quick actuarial death calculations in my head and decided I had a better than 50-50 chance of surviving the ride. I negotiated a price (about $3 for a ~4km ride) and hopped in. For a twelve year old – the kid wasn’t a bad driver. We made it back to my place without taking anyone out. No small feat on the roads of Dar es Salaam.

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  1. Hannah permalink*
    September 13, 2012

    Can you please give more detail about the furry dashboard? Doing so would help me create an even better mental image 🙂

  2. Ryan permalink*
    October 13, 2012

    It was about the consistency and length of a very fluffy cat. It was white with large light grey spots. It covered the entire dashboard and spilled over the dash just a little bit. Does this help?

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