Christmas presents

2011 December 4
by Ryan

In investing they say, “buy what you know”. For me, it’s the same with Christmas presents. For Katie’s present (and also mine), I built us a “Hackintosh”. A Hackintosh is a non-Mac computer with MAC OS loaded onto it. So, for about $300 I was able to buy a motherboard, processor, case, memory, DVD drive and hard drive. I hadn’t built my own computer since college so it was a bit of an adventure.

I put the components together myself and then loaded Mac OS Lion 10.7.2. Doing this saved me several hundred dollars extra that Apple charges to have a picture of an Apple on the side of the computer. Although, I still managed to find an Apple sticker that I slapped on mine – ha! I won’t say it was simple. The Lifehacker post makes it look simple, but it ended up being a bit harder than I expected. The Hackintosh relationship was a love/hate one for a couple weeks until I finally got all the kinks worked out.

One of the people who started the whole Hackintosh movement was Tonymac. His website – – has a forum where, just about every problem I ran into, someone else had the same problem and was solved my someone smarter than me. I had kernel panics, CMOS checksum errors, improper graphics, and a host of other issues. After a couple weeks, all those were sorted out and it work like a charm.

I don’t think Apple likes the Hackintosh community very much, but they should because I’m now buying apps from the App Store which I never would have done before.


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  1. Super Jesus permalink
    May 10, 2012

    I really like this…

    Very Creative, but let me ask you this…

    “So what?”

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